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A Message From the President - Jan 2010

January 04, 2010

A Message from the President

Hello, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Please be advised that the Association held its Annual General Meeting on December 12, 2009, wherein a great deal was accomplished. We managed to address all Agenda items, including electing a new Executive for the upcoming fiscal year.

Julius Spira, General Manager of Registry=Recovery Inc. was acting president as a result of Rosanna Conteducca’s resignation, and stood for and was elected as president. Joe Borelli, president of Centro Legal Works Inc. who had been on the executive for several years was elected as Vice‐President. Jim Sturdy, president of Idealogic Inc., who was a member of OAPSOR’s executive in the early years of our organization was elected as Secretary. Gabor Horvath, president of Securefact Transaction Services Inc., and Allison Knowles, president of Allison Knowles Abstracts Ltd. respectively were also elected to the executive board.

We also moved forward by creating two new important committees. The PPSA committee was created which will be chaired by Gabor Horvath. Julius Spira will also be a member of that committee. We also created the Conveyancing Committee. It will be chaired by Rob Read, with Allison Knowles and Peter Currie as committee members.

We also discussed the Association’s desire of seeking National status through contacting similar organizations and Service Providers across Canada to gain their support.

We ended the meeting with a lively and thought provoking discussion centered around the question: – “What is the new mission statement for OAPSOR?” The Executive will take the feedback of the members present at the meeting and will communicate a definitive Mission Statement to the members shortly. One of the themes that was evident in the meeting was that the Association needs to not only provide direction for our industry, but also provide direction and encouragement to our membership. We will endeavour to do this.

We still need more members for our new committees. If you are interested in sitting on either of these committees, please send an e‐mail to me, Julius Spira at [email protected].

Finally, we have decided that all future correspondence with our members will ONLY be done via email. This will be our final mailing to our membership. Please confirm your e‐mail address to us when replying to this mailing.

Thank you,

Julius Spira