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  • A Message From Your President - May 2011

A Message From Your President - May 2011

May 01, 2011

A Message from your President

2011 has arrived and with it comes new hope for a good year, and a prosperous year for all. We, your executive have been busy the last 10 months, working on solid concrete measures to improve several areas of our practice, with particular emphasis on insurance, proper administration, and advocating our members' rights. Listed below are some of the highlights:

  • PPSA - In early spring, Jim Sturdy of Idealogic PDS Inc., Mark Wolfstadt of PPSA Canada and Julius Spira of Registry=Recovery Inc. met with members of Service Ontario to discuss PPSA and what they were planning in the near future.
  • Real Estate - At our AGM last year we created a working committee for Real Estate matters, and Rob Read of Read Abstracts, together with Alison Knowles of Knowles Abstracts pursued efforts to ensure that there was dialogue between the powers that be and our members. To that end Rob sat on the CCLA Real Estate Committee in Ottawa.
  • Insurance - Jim Sturdy and I have had ongoing talks with a new insurance provider to provide not only more comprehensive insurance, but also much less expensive coverage than in the past. We will be endorsing them and they will contact each of you directly. It looks like we will each be able to save several hundreds of dollars.
  • Administration - Jim and Alison have been interviewing candidates to take over the administrative duties left vacant when Karim Hirji re‐signed. In order to improve our image in the market place and promote our members, we need to spend money on administration. The proposal is to outsource duties such as membership renewals, web site up dates, webinars for members, negotiate insurance, to name a few. Our fees will of course increase but this should be offset by lower insurance premiums and better representation for members.
  • Website - Our website is up and running. Rob Read and Joe Borelli of Centro Legal Works worked on getting it setup with proper content. Please visit it at www.oapsor.ca. It has a copy of our membership application form and our current insurance provider application form.
  • AGM - We are currently in the early planning stages for our next AGM, tentatively scheduled for June 25 at Metro Hall in Toronto. Let us know if you want to join us on the Executive.

As you can clearly see OAPSOR has been very busy on behalf of you, our members. We know that OAPSOR must continue to serve you better. And we have to stand up for our members. Recently there was an article printed in the Fall edition of the Lawyer’s Gazette, with the title "Beware: Dishonest Conveyancers Target Lawyers". We held an executive meeting to discuss this and subsequently sent a letter to the Law Society asking for a meeting with LSUC. We are currently in ongoing discussions with LSUC regarding this article. Our ultimate goal is to show them how our members can help them avoid these frauds by using one of our insured members. We will keep you informed of any new developments on this front.

We are always looking for assistance when it comes to our executive and/or committees. OAPSOR can really help our members – but it needs more member involvement. With your help OAPSOR can give all of us a voice with government and larger service providers, and it can also give us buying advantages as a group. If you feel that you can or want to contribute to helping our organization grow, please feel free to contact me.

Julius J. Spira.
[email protected]
416‐251‐9660, ext 3234
1‐877‐251‐9660, ext 3234 (toll free)