Ontario Association of Professional Searchers of Records

What is OAPSOR

The Ontario Association of Professional Searchers of Records is an Ontario based association dedicated to helping members stay abreast of changes in the searchers of records industry and increase their awareness of relevant issues which may have an impact on the industry. As a unified group concerns can be identified and dealt with effectively.

The Board of Directors is composed of searchers of records both large and small who represent the industry's views and provide the organization with a broad base of expertise and communication at the local and national level. The current board represents a cross section of the industry and is committed to enhancing the professionalism and education of its members.

Our Goals

The Board has prioritized three program goals for OAPSOR, based on a comprehensive membership survey conducted by the organization. These goals are:

  1. To elevate the awareness of legislative and technological changes as they affect the searchers of records industry.
  2. To foster improved relationships with government agencies with whom we interact.
  3. To provide a forum where members can share their views. As a non-profit corporation we can support and promote their interests.